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Indonesian translation services in Singapore

Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) is a standard register of Malay as well as the official language of the fourth most populous nation in the world. Use Asian Absolute’s translation services and interpreters in Singapore to communicate confidently anywhere Indonesian is spoken.

Get your marcoms smoothly localised – so that they’re as persuasive to your target Indonesian-speaking audience as they are to your market at home. Precisely translate technical documents or manuals specific to your industry – as well as a huge variety of other content.

You can also easily locate highly skilled interpreters for your latest business meeting or event. Asian Absolute can help with the translation of documents that you will need to present to any official body in Singapore.

Why choose Asian Absolute?

We make it easy for you to target any English or Bahasa Indonesia-speaking group in the world. You’ll be ensuring your document is as compelling for your new target audience as your original was in your own language.

Here’s how we do it:

Only an expert in your field will know the jargon

Understanding is the key to accurate translation. That’s why your documents will only ever be translated by a specialist with qualifications in your field and/or five years experience in your industry.

This ensures that the terminology you use is precisely localised for your new target audience.

Native speakers are the only kind we use

Asian Absolute makes it straightforward for you to translate and interpret from English to Bahasa Indonesia – and be sure that your translated version retains the style and authority of your original text.

When it comes to Bahasa Indonesia to English translation, we only ever use speakers of English who are native to your target market too. As a Language Service Provider, we’re almost alone in doing this. But how else can you be sure that your target audience will receive the exact message that you intend them to?


  • Know that your project management team is award-winning
  • Translate into or out of and interpret between Malay, Tamil and Mandarin too
  • Communicate effectively in any of the 700 other languages spoken in Indonesia
  • Get a very quick turnaround because of our global network
  • Count on a quality which is ISO:9001 management standard-approved


Asian Absolute helped in the challenging task of building a world-class translation service. They provide top quality, personal service.

Financial Times

I was extremely impressed by Asian Absolute’s hard work to complete the project to our high standards and within a very tight timeframe.

Global Witness

Many thanks for your help and also for providing an interpreter for the week, she was absolutely fantastic and a real life-saver!

Guinness World Records

Facts about Bahasa Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia is used in education, administration, on TV and the radio across Indonesia and you’ll find it in books and newspapers too. You won’t, however, find it in a very high proportion of normal daily conversation.
In the same way that spoken English doesn’t always line up with the written version, spoken Indonesian is different to the standard or formal register of Bahasa Indonesia. But in this case, that difference is dramatic.
This is because:

  • Most Indonesians speak at least one of the 700 other local languages, such as Balinese, Sudanese or Javanese
  • Many people combine their local tongue with Indonesian to form numerous vernacular variations
  • Indonesian slang changes the language in terms of structure as well as vocabulary
  • The capital, Jakarta, has its own special slang (influenced by Betawi Malay) which is portrayed prominently in all types of media

The language, however, serves a vital unifying role in a country which has a vast array of ethnic groups, a huge number of different local languages as well as more than 17 000 islands which form natural geographical boundaries.

Get Indonesian translation specific to your industry

We always call in a specialist in your field to translate your documents. This means the linguist carrying out your Bahasa Indonesia translation will always have experience and/or qualifications in your industry. They’ll know all of the terminology you use and employ it just like you do.

Get expertise in:

We also pair you with an expert with experience in your particular type of document, be it your website, app, e-learning courses, interview transcriptions, marcoms or any kind of official document.

Bahasa Indonesia interpreters matched to your event

The best Bahasa Indonesia interpreting services do more than just make sure you understand the language which is being used. Your Asian Absolute linguist will also help you follow cultural expectations, body language and etiquette as they support you towards the successful conclusion of your event or meeting.
Get the language support you need for local and international events of any size, including:

  • Business meetings
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Speeches and presentations
  • Dubbing and voice-overs
  • Dinners and other social events

How we translate your text

Once you’ve told us all about your project by email or over the phone you receive a full and free quote.

Confirm that you’re pleased with the quote and we get to work. We:

  1. Bring together the team of native linguists who will work on your project – they’ll be specialists in your industry or field.
  2. Build a specific style guide, glossaries and Translation Memories.
  3. Localise your project, creating a completely natural message that strikes the equivalent tone and speaks with the same authority as your original.
  4. Have a senior editor confirm the accuracy and check the style.
  5. Pass your project through several other Quality Assurance

Return it to the original translator so they can comment before a final review.

Talk to us about language 24 hours a day

Get a free, no-obligation quote on the Bahasa Indonesia translation services you need in Singapore today. We’re here, ready to help you, 24/7.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bahasa and Malay the same language?

Indonesian is considered a standardised form or “autonomous normative variety” of Malay, even though the majority of “Malay” speakers worldwide technically speak Indonesian. The two languages are similar, yet they have notable differences in their vocabulary and pronunciation.

Confusion often arises in how English speakers refer to these languages. In Malay and Indonesian, the word Bahasa means “language”. Bahasa Malay means “the Malay language” while Bahasa Indonesia means “the Indonesian language”.

There is a growing movement for the terms Bahasa Malay and Bahasa Malaysia (the Malaysian language) to be replaced with Bahasa Melayu (which implies “the language of the Malay people”) to encourage a sense of communality between all the speakers of the various forms of Malay.

What language is Bahasa Indonesia based on?

Indonesian is based on classical Malay, heavily influenced by the “market Malay” (Melayu pasar) spoken as a lingua franca across the Indonesian archipelago during the colonial era.

Linguists contend over whether market Malay or classical Malay (and its descendant Court or High Malay) is the primary “basis” of modern Bahasa Indonesia. It seems likely that both played an important role in the language’s formulation.

What writing system does Bahasa Indonesia use?

Indonesian uses the Latin or Roman alphabet as a writing system. The language is unusual for having a high degree of consistency between the way words look on the page and the way they are pronounced.

This “phonetic correspondence” is very helpful for non-native readers but is complicated by the fact that the spelling of some words changed following Indonesian independence in 1971.

One of the most common examples is the way the regional capital of Java is written both as “Yogyakarta” and “Jogjakarta”.

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