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eLearning localisation services in Singapore

eLearning localisation means more than the accurate translation of your course materials. The companies and educators who use us to localise their eLearning courses in Singapore and worldwide know that this goes several steps beyond simple translation:

This is the complete adaptation of your product or message to reach a target audience from a different culture.

It will meet their expectations for what materials like these should look like and sound like and make sure they can interact with it in a way which makes sense to them.

This means they will receive the same precisely tailored message that your original audience did.

What you get by choosing Asian Absolute

Get work from the industry’s authority:

Asian Absolute’s extensive experience providing eLearning localisation services in Singapore and around the world means we are regularly invited to share our expertise with others in the translation industry.

Events such as ELIA conferences and the ATC Annual Summit have featured keynote speakers from Asian Absolute speaking about eLearning localisation best practices.

Here’s why:

  • Banking-grade information security processes and NDAs ensure discretion
  • Linguists who are qualified and/or highly experience in your field
  • Localise your eLearning course materials into more than 120 languages
  • Choose engineering-only or full localisation support
  • ISO:9001-certified quality


Asian Absolute helped FTChinese.com in the challenging task of building a world-class translation service. They provide top quality, personal service.

Financial Times

I was extremely impressed by Asian Absolute’s hard work to complete the project to our high standards and within a very tight timeframe.

Global Witness

Many thanks for your help and also for providing an interpreter for the week, she was absolutely fantastic and a real life-saver!

Guinness World Records

How eLearning localisation benefits your business

Businesses and educational institutions around the globe have started to realise the advantages which localising their eLearning content brings:

  1. Conservatively, every $1 spent on eLearning results in $30 worth of productivity.
  2. The global eLearning market hit $51.5 billion back in 2016.
  3. Younger generations are much more eager to engage with online learning courses.
  4. 77% of companies in the US already offer online training courses.
  5. The global eLearning market is growing at 7-8% each year – and as high as 50% in India, China, Malaysia and Indonesia

What kind of content can we localise for you?

Most of our clients use us to localise their existing course content. There are also several specialist eLearning course creators who sub-contract localisation of their clients’ courses to us.

We regularly handle:

Which file types do we work with?

We are happy to use almost all industry-standard authoring tools, including:

  • Articulate
  • Captivate
  • Lectora
  • Directly in XML and HTML
  • Your proprietary authoring tool

We translate into the native formats rather than use any copy-paste method in order to save time, money and reduce risk.

Using us for engineering-only

Although we regularly provide eLearning localisation services for our Singapore and global clients’ course content, many others use us to provide engineering for existing translations.

Here’s why:

Challenging languages – no problem

Arabic, Hebrew and other right-to-left languages are no problem for us. Nor are Thai, Japanese or any other languages which might require line breaks to be set manually.

We regularly work in Tamil, Malay and a huge number of Chinese dialects.

Testing and bug fixing – for all browsers and OS

You can have us handle all of the linguistic and functional testing of your course and/or provide bug fixing services for any OS or browser, including mobile devices.

Quality Assurance – included

The Quality Assurance processes we have in place are designed to ensure that anyone reading your course content – in any localised language – will receive the same exact message as they would from your original.

Our QA includes:

  • Editing and proofreading by senior linguists.
  • Linguistic and functional testing.
  • Review by the carefully chosen original translator assigned to your project.

eLearning localisation services are best from the start

You will always find it much easier to localise your course materials at a later date if you have had the capability built-in from the very start.

This is true whether you are handling the design and development of your course in-house or using an outside vendor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of files can we help you with?

Equally comfortable with the processes for producing localised courses using industry-standard authoring tools including Articulate, Captivate, and Lectora, we can also localise XML and HTML courses directly or work with your proprietary authoring tools. By translating into the native formats we eliminate the need for any time-consuming copy-and-paste processes, reducing both risk and cost.

When should I start planning localisation of my course materials?

When developing a multilingual eLearning course it’s essential that you consider localisation from the very start. This means that whether you’re developing your course internally or are trusting an outside vendor, it will be immensely beneficial if it is designed with a view to adding multiple languages later on.

How can I transmit my files to you?

You can attach your files to the form here on our website. Alternatively, you can transmit them via email, FTP or any transfer method you find convenient.

If you need additional security procedures to be put in place for sensitive documents, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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