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Get accurate, compelling translation services in Singapore. Into and out of English, Malay, Mandarin and Cantonese, Tamil – and more than 120 other languages.

Reach out to our local office in Singapore to get an authoritative, localised version of your written content. Or an interpreter for a specialist local assignment in the city, or anywhere in the world.

Have translated versions of your e-learning courses produced with ease. Reap the benefits of compelling marcoms for all your target markets. Or count on our high-quality services when you submit your employment pass application to the Ministry of Manpower.

Get all of this while you take advantage of highly competitive prices and the ability to meet even your shortest deadline, with Asian Absolute.

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We can help you with

Translation Services

Localise any document or content for any global audience. We have the experts needed to translate, edit and proofread your documents, eLearning courses, official documents, software, your website, patents, technical documents and more.

interpreting Services

Arrange interviews. Host seminars and conferences. Organise business meetings. Whatever your language challenge and wherever you are in the world. Get the right consecutive or simultaneous interpreters for your particular assignment.

Marketing Services

Sell your goods or services in any market, anywhere in the world. Localise your brand. Your advertising. And even your products themselves. Create a compelling message for your new target audience.

machine translation

Have as create and train a custom Machine Translation solution designed for your unique requirements. Especially suited to high volume, short life-cycle text such as internal communications and reviews.

Global translation services since 2000

Whatever language and region you’re targeting, you need your words to transmit the right message. One that’s locally targeted. Relevant. Persuasive. And delivered with the same authority as your original.

Asian Absolute has been making it easy for businesses around the globe to get their international messaging just right since 2000.

You can count on 24-hour support no matter where you’re based. As well as the same ISO-certified interpreters and translation services we provide to hundreds of businesses in Singapore and around the world every single day.

Why use Asian Absolute?

Organisations in every industry count on us when they need a translation agency in Singapore, across Asia and around the world.

They do so because they know using Asian Absolute means they get quality translation language services which are delivered alongside:


  • A personal project manager: selected from our award-winning team.
  • Deadline-beating speed: our global network guarantees the fastest turnaround times.
  • Native-speaking experts: empowering your communications in over 120 languages.
  • Subject matter specialists: in dozens of different fields and industries.
  • Cost-effectiveness: all services carefully tailored to your scope and requirements.

Translate your documents, app, website and more

No matter the type of material or content you have on your hands, we have the in-house expertise needed to translate it for any audience.

Our multilingual typesetting, Desktop Publishing and transcription specialists work alongside the experts who deliver our translation services in Singapore and around the world to localise all kinds of mission-critical and high profile projects, including:

Legal and financial documents

Website and digital content

Technical manuals

Software and app localisation

Video localisation

Multilingual audio content and subtitles

Talk to us about your next project 24/7

Find out anything you need to know about using us as your translation agency in Singapore or anywhere in the world today.
You can get a free, no-obligation quote at any time. We’re always happy to discuss how we’ll complete your next translation project in the most cost-effective, hassle-free way.

Translating documents for the Ministry of Manpower

The Ministry of Manpower is responsible for developing and implementing Singapore’s labour policies.

The Ministry of Manpower is responsible for developing and implementing Singapore’s labour policies. If you’re looking to apply to work in the Republic of Singapore, you will almost certainly need translated documents which meet the Ministry’s exacting standards when it comes to accuracy.

It’s worth knowing that – in all of our work so far – Asian Absolute has not yet failed to meet these standards. If you need to know more about translating your documents for the MoM, contact us directly for a commitment-free chat.

 How we work as your translation agency in Singapore

The translation services you get from us will always be tailored to meet your needs. This means you will never pay more than you need to for the outcomes you need.

We’re proud that when some of the world’s largest organisations have needed a translation agency in Singapore, it’s Asian Absolute they’ve turned to. Yet we also count huge numbers of SMEs among our clients.

Whatever the scope of your project or size of your business, the service we provide will always be tuned to your unique requirements for cost-effectiveness, quality and speed of delivery.

This way of working is one of the key reasons why we’ve been named the winner of the industry’s ATC Project Management Team of the Year Award on several occasions.

Enjoy translation services unique to your industry

he industries and fields our clients hail from are truly diverse. We number big names in everything from automotive manufacturing to journalism and SMEs in fields as varied as finance and chemical engineering among our regular customers.

Whatever your company’s size, whatever industry you operate in, we provide the high-quality document translation services you need when you’re doing business internationally.

Your document or content will always be translated by linguists who could be: 

  • Current or former practising professionals in your industry
  • Qualified to Masters degree-level or above in your field
  • Both of the above

Need to know if we specialise in your sector? Contact us and let us know who you are and what you need. You commit yourself to nothing.

Featured case studies

Wondering what it’s like to work with Asian Absolute? Here are some recent examples showing how we’ve delivered exactly what our clients have needed:

Rely on native-speaking translators

Only a local – a native speaker of the language you want to communicate in – can guarantee that you’re making yourself heard loudly, clearly and naturally.

That’s why every single one of our linguists translates into their native tongue. It’s also the reason why they are asked to comment on the final version of your translated text after our professional translators and other local specialists have completed the editing and proofreading process.

It’s all done to ensure that your translated text has the same kind of natural fluency, authority and cultural relevance as your original document.

 Target any language you need to

serHave us translate, localise and even transcreate your content into any of more than 120 languages different languages and dialects.

We always match your projects with native-speaking experts from the specific culture and language in question. This might mean:

  • Any of the national languages of Singapore – English, Malay, Chinese or Tamil.
  • Other major and minor languages of East Asia, such as Japanese, Cantonese, Korean or Vietnamese.
  • When you’re doing business further afield, perhaps in Farsi, Hindi or Urdu.
  • Reaching audiences around the world in Arabic or Hebrew.
  • Popular European languages like Portuguese, Spanish, French or German.

With offices in Thailand, the UK, Europe, Panama and the USA supporting the work of the experts in our local certified translation services agency in Singapore, we cover almost any language spoken – or signed – in any part of the world.

Can’t find the language you need to target here on our website?

We still almost certainly cover it. Please contact us and let us know the language you want to do business in. We’ll confirm that we have the right translation specialists ready to get started.

A trusted translation agency – in Singapore and worldwide

With over two decades delivering professional translation services to organisations of all sizes around the world under our belt, we know how important it is to explain to our clients why they can rely on us.

The place we started was being externally assessed for complete compliance with the ISO 9001 international quality standard. This means we’re an organisation which “consistently provides products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements”.

We’re also members of all of the most important industry bodies in the world. This includes the Association of Translation Companies in the UK, the American Translators Association and Elia in Europe.

It’s also worth noting that we regularly produce documents designed for Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower, whose standards we’ve not yet failed to meet.

 A note on your quality assurance

Some of the largest organisations in every local and global industry rely on Asian Absolute for their highest-profile communications.

They do this because they know they can trust us to provide fluent, accurate, quality translations of any document or content. We’re able to guarantee this because every project we complete passes through Quality Assurance processes which include:



Our expert editors will finesse the tone, voice, clarity and consistency of your translated document. This ensures it makes a real impact


Our professional proofreaders confirm that the spelling, grammar, punctuation and formatting of your new documents are correct. Plus, they assess how well the language used conveys the message of your original.


Final translator review

Your original translator will review the changes made to your document before final approval. Your full, fluent, accurately translated document is accomplished by a team of certified translation specialists.

Back-translation and reconciliation

When you have mission-critical documents on your hands, we offer further levels of Quality Assurance to confirm parity between your source and target texts.

Think Machine Translation might be the solution for you? Get in touch with us. We’ll be glad to discuss the capabilities it offers.

Custom machine translation engine training

A Machine Translation engine is highly trained custom software which carries out automatic translation of your text. An MT engine can be the best solution for any projects which is: 

  • High volume
  • High turnover
  • Repetitive

In order to deliver the quality of output you need, a Machine Translation engine needs to be “trained” on data which has been properly cleaned by an expert. Its output also needs to be post-edited by a qualified human translator until it reaches the desired quality levels.

Once a custom MT engine is properly trained, it can offer vast time and translation cost savings for correctly chosen projects.

Asian Absolute specialises in the creation and training of MT engines for all kinds of purposes. This has already included product reviews, internal communications, software documentation and user-generated content for global organisations.

 Get the interpreter you need for any event

We provide language interpreters for events across the city of Singapore and around the world.

Individuals, professionals and organisations of all sizes use our interpreting services for events as varied as:

  • Business meetings
  • Site visits
  • Conferences, exhibitions and trade fairs
  • Seminars and presentations
  • Medical appointments
  • Court visits
  • Tours and cruises
  • Voiceover and dubbing projects
  • Online and virtual events

No matter what your requirements, we will always be able to match you with interpreters who are subject matter specialists in your field as well as being masters of the languages you need to bridge the gap between.

You might need a dramatically different type of interpreting service depending on the event you’re hosting:

Simultaneous interpreting

This is ideal for larger events. Your interpreters will sit in soundproof booths while delegates listen via earpieces. If you can imagine how interpretation is delivered at a meeting of the UN, you know how a simultaneous interpreter works.

Consecutive interpreting

When using a consecutive interpreter, a given speaker will say a few phrases and then wait for the interpreter to translate. Then they can speak again or wait for the next speaker to have their turn.

Whispered interpreting

Sometimes called chuchotage, whispered interpreting works just like simultaneous interpreting but the linguist is standing right behind the person they’re providing language support for and murmuring the translation into their ear. This means it’s ideal for when only one or two people need language support.

Remote interpreting

This is increasingly the leading choice for many organisations looking to provide highly cost-effective, high-quality interpreting support for physical and virtual events. Your audience can use their mobile phones or other devices to listen to an oral translation provided by a specialist via a highly reliable app.

Not sure which type of interpreter would be best for your assignment?

Contact us to discuss your event and your particular requirements. We’re always happy to provide a free quote with zero obligation or commitment.

 Count on global coverage and 24-hour support

Get 24-hour support no matter where you are in the world:

From our local translation agency in Singapore and our other offices in Thailand, Panama, the USA, Bulgaria and the UK, we make sure you can call on local expertise wherever you want to do business.

You might be an SME trying to market your products in China. You might be looking to localise your website or app for Australia. Or want to translate financial reports, personal documents, legal documents or training materials for your globe-spanning multinational team.

Whether you need to transcreate your advertising to boost sales, localise your e-commerce platform or find the ideal interpreter for your event in Singapore or worldwide, with Asian Absolute you can rely on having your own personal project manager and a 24-hour support team ready to make things happen for you.

What our clients have to say

Many thanks for your help and also for providing an interpreter for the week, she was absolutely fantastic and a real life-saver!

Guinness World Records

Jia was great. Really impressed with her ability and smarts. Would highly recommend her to anyone. Thanks for arranging on such short notice!


Asian Absolute helped in the challenging task of building a world-class translation service. They provide top quality, personal service.

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