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Malay translation services in Singapore

If Malay is not your first language and you need to communicate in Singapore, don’t worry. Asian Absolute offers Malay translation and interpreting services tailored to your industry and project needs. Even if Malay is not an official language to you, our services can make it easy for you to communicate effectively.

We also have experience in translating official documents that the Ministry of Manpower and other government bodies requires.

Why choose Asian Absolute?

Are you targeting the Malay-speaking community in Singapore? Or in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei or anywhere else around the world?

With Asian Absolute, you’ll soon be doing business with confidence. No matter where your target Malay-speaking marketing happens to be based.


  1. Simple fluency in your target language isn’t enough. Asian Absolute only ever uses native Malay-speaking linguists for your English to Malay translation. We’re almost alone as a Language Service Provider in using English native-speakers for your Malay to English localisation projects too. After all, you carefully constructed your content in your original language so that it has the maximum appeal. Only a native specialist can ensure that your localised version will deliver the same powerful message.
  2. Knowledge of your industry’s terminology is a given.We handpick specialists for your project. Whether that means a native-speaking engineering expert to translate your instruction manuals. Or native marketing professionals to translate your marcoms.
  3. On top of this:
  • Quality certified to the industry’s highest ISO: 9001 standard
  • Translate and interpret from English to Malay of any register or dialect – including those spoken in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and elsewhere
  • Equal expertise in more than 120 other languages
  • Count on work delivered via a global network, guaranteeing incredibly fast turnaround times
  • Rely on an award-winning project management team


Asian Absolute helped in the challenging task of building a world-class translation service. They provide top quality, personal service.

Financial Times

I was extremely impressed by Asian Absolute’s hard work to complete the project to our high standards and within a very tight timeframe.

Global Witness

Many thanks for your help and also for providing an interpreter for the week, she was absolutely fantastic and a real life-saver!

Guinness World Records

“Bahasa” translation services – getting what you actually need

Are you looking for Malaysian translation services? Or Indonesian language support?

We’re often asked for “bahasa” translation services. But “bahasa” simply means “language” in Malay. We’ve found that when faced with this confusion, our other clients have wanted translation services for:

  • Bahasa Malaysia – “Malaysian language”. Standard Malay is spoken globally by 18 million people.
  • Bahasa Indonesia – “Indonesian language” is a form of Malay which is spoken by around 170 million people worldwide.

Asian Absolute provides both, of course. As well as obligation-free advice on which dialect of Malay is the one which will be most suitable for you.

Get Malay translation and interpreting services for your industry

    Your industry will have specific terminology and jargon which only an expert like you will know. This makes it vital that anyone localising your content is an expert too.

    Asian Absolute has a worldwide network of linguists, ensuring we can always match you with a translator qualified and/or experienced in your market sector. This includes all of the following, as well as many others:



    Life Sciences

    Banking & Finance

    Marketing & PR





    Travel & Tourism



    Malay interpreters for your event, meeting or project

    You might need either consecutive or simultaneous interpreters depending on your specific assignment. What kind of event do you need to provide language support for?

    Asian Absolute will always pair you with the right vocal talent or interpreting specialist for the situation:

    • Business meeting
    • Conference or seminar
    • Speech or presentation
    • Social events
    • Dubbing or voice-overs for your video content

    5 proven steps to localise your message

    Whether you need Malay to English or English to Malay translation, we follow a proven, Quality-Assured process when localising your project:

    1. Tell us what you need by phone or email
    2. Approve the obligation-free quote you’re sent
    3. Your team of specialist linguists is chosen – they will have both experience and/or qualifications in your industry
    4. The style guide, glossaries and Translation Memories are created for your project.
    5. We recreate your content in your target language, making sure that it has maximum appeal and delivers the equivalent message to someone from your target culture.

    Followed by triple-layer Quality Assurance

    • A style and accuracy check by a senior editor
    • Additional Quality Assurance measures
    • Final review, featuring comments and discussion with your original translator

      Learn more about getting the language support you need 24/7

      Contact us today and talk to us about the Malay translation or interpreting services you need in Singapore. We’re always here to help – and you can request a free, no-obligation quote at any time.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is the turnaround time for translation from and into Malay?

      The turnaround time for a translation project depends on the content’s size and any special requirements you may have. Generally speaking, translations can be completed within 24 to 48 hours after receiving the text.

      What kind of documents can you translate from and into Malay?

      We provide translation services for documents such as legal contracts, medical reports, technical manuals, websites and other documents.


      Do you offer any additional language services apart from translation?

      Aside from translation services, we also offer proofreading and editing services to ensure that the translated document reads naturally in its target language. We can also provide localisation services for website content or other documents.

      How much do you charge for translations from and into Malay?

      The cost of our translations depends on the size of the document and any additional requirements, such as proofreading or localization services.

      Is your translation service confidential?

      Yes, all our translation services are strictly confidential, and we take great care to ensure the security of all documents. We also provide signed confidentiality agreements upon request.

      How do I get started with a translation project?

      You can contact us for a free quote for your project and submit any documents or text that needs to be translated. After we have received your material, we will assign a professional translator to your project and send you the translated document within the agreed timeline.

      Are the translators native Malay speakers?

      Yes, all our translators are native speakers of Malay and have experience in translation projects from English to Malay and vice versa. We also have professional proofreaders and editors who are native Malay speakers.

      The Malay language in Singapore and Southeast Asia

      The Malay language holds a significant position in Southeast Asia, including Singapore, where it is one of the four official languages, alongside English, Mandarin, and Tamil. It is especially prominent as the national language of Singapore, used in the national anthem and military commands. Malay is closely tied to the cultural identity of the Malay ethnic group in Singapore, one of the major racial communities in the country.

      Regionally, Malay is a major language, being the national language of Malaysia and Brunei and an official language in Indonesia, where it is known as Indonesian. Historically, it emerged as a trading language in the Malay Archipelago and gained wider influence through Malay sultanates and European colonialism. The language has various dialects across the region, with the standard Malay in Singapore being similar to that in Malaysia but quite different from Indonesian.

      In Singapore’s education system, Malay is taught as a mother tongue language, particularly to students of Malay ethnicity, reflecting the country’s commitment to preserving cultural heritage through language education. Malay has a rich literary tradition, both classical and modern, and is used in diverse media like newspapers, television, and digital platforms in Southeast Asia. It has also left its mark on other languages, including Singapore English (Singlish), which incorporates Malay loanwords.

      The evolution of Malay continues today, shaped by the region’s sociocultural dynamics. Its importance is underscored by UNESCO’s recognition of its classical texts and manuscripts, highlighting its role in the cultural and historical tapestry of Southeast Asia. This underscores the Malay language’s role as a cultural connector in the region.

      Need help with your project? Give us the details, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.