International Market Research

Sourcing the right researcher in an emerging market

Our client is an international market research company.

They contacted us to conduct research about the selling of commodities markets data in China.

The project would include the creation of a questionnaire in Chinese, interviewing Chinese industry insiders and the generation of a final report in English.

What challenge did we take on?

The main challenge was identifying high-level individuals who possessed the requisite market intelligence and convincing them to spend time in an interview with our researcher.

Our UK-based client, who speaks no Chinese, needed to be kept informed of the progress of the project throughout. This was because it was essential that he was in a position to adjust the focus of the research in line with the regular changes to the research brief from his client.

How did we select the right team?

Thanks to Asian Absolute’s worldwide network of resources, we were able to identify a suitable candidate with the requested financial expertise to carry out the research.

We engaged a Chinese financial journalist who specialises in the commodities markets. His competence and connections were key to the smooth running of the research and to the delivery of a detailed and accurate final report in line with our client’s requirements and expectations.

What did we do?

Our English-Chinese bilingual project manager maintained close contact with our client in the UK and our Chinese-speaking researcher. This ensured that our client was able to direct the research without the need for extra budget to translate the communications to and from the researcher.

We drafted the questionnaire in Chinese ready for use by the researcher and then translated it into English for approval by the client. Our researcher then used the approved questionnaire as the basis for interviews with various key decision-makers within the commodities sectors in China.

After approving our researcher’s detailed final report in Chinese, our project manager had the report translated into English by a finance-specialised translator and editor. We then delivered the final English version to the client.

What was the outcome?

Since we were able to source a researcher with the requested expertise and we used a translator specialised in the field of finance and commodities, the client was provided with an extensive and accurate research report.

Plus, the responsiveness and excellent communication between everyone involved ensured the client was satisfied at every stage of the project and received a timely delivery of the final report.

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